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The 2015 Angtai Group Conference
The Angtai Group Conference has been held in 2nd Feb. 2012, we summed up our work in 2015, established our goals and made plans for 2016, and the most important is we praised the best outstanding employees. Jiujiang ANGTAI Capsules sub-company, Jiangxi ANGTAI Pharmaceutical sub-company, Jiangxi Medicine sub-company and Jiangxi KANGSHENG Large Pharmacy all staff attend this conference. 

At the first, our Chief assistant Ms. Ding Qin read of the announcement praising the best employee, the honor certificate issued. The administers presented the prize to the top saler LI JUN, the outstanding staff PI ZHANG HUA and other excellent 19 staffs. 

Second, our General Manager Mr. Fu JIANBO reported about “make great efforts to be a strong company ”. He also summed up the main finished work in 2015: 
1.Grasp the quality of the products, steadily raised outstanding achievement
2.Established a perfect construction system, standardized enterprise management
3.Focuses on innovative, improved our technical 
4.Follow up tightly, richer and stronger enterprise
5.Has our feature, built and richer culture
6.High level employee, stronger and professional team
7.Establish reputation, spread throughout the country

As the future development, he also gave his planed to the next year 2016:
1.Broaden the marketing channels, to gain new growth in market
2.Strengthen production management, to achieve efficiency improvement in production 
3.Strict quality management, quality of products to achieve a new upgrade
4.Promote scientific and technological innovation, enhance the new level of enterprise development
5.Improve basic management, promote the new process of standardized management
6.Cultivate of enterprise culture, establish a new ANGTAI brand

At the end, our chief Mr. Ding DALING made important talk, he definite all the effort and achievement in 2015, and offered delegates his blueprint to build 100 year ANGTAI Brand. He also give his expectation for 2016:
1.first of all, unity and cooperation of the leaders
2.Unity and cooperation between departments
3.Unity and cooperation of all employees

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