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Capsule Corporation training Workshop director (Production minister)
The Qualification requirements, Wages, Assessment, Promotion program (Draft)

For sustained and steady development of the company, to prevent the shortage of technical backbone, management personnel, the GM conference decide to train personnel for some key technical positions. The regulation for the qualification requirements, wages, assessment, promotion for the Capsule Corporation training Workshop director (Production minister) are listed as following.

The qualification requirements of the training object
1. Male, age at 22-30 years old;
2. Junior college degree or above in pharmacy, management or related major.
The training process
1. Start as the front-line worker in the workshop,to know the operation procedures of capsule production, quality standards and so on, for one month;
2. To learn each management system, technical standards, operating procedures, quality statutory standards, industry standards, internal control standards and other GMP management documents, for one month;
3. To get familiar with the workshop purification system, temperature and humidity control system, the main equipment operation and performance of each procedure, for one month;
4. To study all working procedures in the workshop for one year, take the position as monitor if qualified;
5. After training as monitor for one year, to take the position as workshop vice director if qualified;

6. After one year service on the position of workshop vice director, to take the position of workshop director if qualified. 


1. In workshop study period, paid with fixed salary. Junior college graduates 3000 Yuan / month, Bachelor degree graduates 3200 Yuan / month; Key university undergraduates 3500 Yuan / month;

2. In Monitor position, in accordance with the monitor position salary standard: Sol monitor: 4000 Yuan / month, Molding monitor: 4500 Yuan / month; Workshop vice director 4000 Yuan / month; workshop director 4500 yuan / month.

(the above wage is determined by the current standard, and will adjust according to the company's overall wage level).

3. Qualified on each position, can enjoy the position assessment Month award. Sol monitor 1000 Yuan / month, Molding monitor 2000 yuan / month, Deputy director 1500 Yuan / month, Director 2000 yuan / month), but annual awards all are 5000 yuan / year.

1. In the study period in workshop, the work arrangement, technical guidance, examination are in the management by Production vice manager.
2. Monitor implement the assessment according to the study content, and then report the results to the director of the workshop;
3. In the monitor position, the workshop director implement the assessment according to the content and requirements of the job, and then report the results to Production vice manager or vice manager for quality.
4. During the workshop vice director position, deputy director implement the track assessment once each quarter according to the job responsibilities, and also report the report to Production vice manager. After one year Production vice manager implement comprehensive assessment and put forward opinions for appointment;
5. During the first one year workshop director period, the Production vice manager implement the assessment according to the job duties every six months, and then report the results the General manager. And later into the normal work assessment;
6. If any phase of the assessment is not qualified, one can not enter the next stage, and the training time extends for 1-3 months. If one is still not qualified after 3 months, the company would rearrange  one’s job.
7.After three years in the position of workshop director, if performed outstandingly, one can be promoted and put into important position.  
Finally, the job responsibilities and assessment standards of each position, see the company's job description and assessment standards.
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