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Angtai brand empty capsules are composed of cap and body, which are made from pharmaceutical gelatin adding accessories and refined. They are mainly used for holding solid drug, such as homemade powder, health care products, agent, etc.. And the capsules help users resolve the issue of not easy to swallow and poor taste, truly realizing the "not bitter good medicine". Empty capsule has become more and more popular, cause it’s slender shape, easy to swallow, being the most popular formulations with consumers. In addition, capsules can effectively conceal the unpleasant taste and odor of the contents.

Angtai brand empty capsule include sizes of 0#, 1#, 2#, and 3#. Characters, trademarks and patterns can be printed on capsules, showing a unique custom appearance. Angtai brand empty capsule is strict to access to raw materials and auxiliary materials. And the materials are all selected from international and domestic famous brands. Currently we use Dongbao, Rossello brand gelatin.

We regularly assess the quality system of raw material suppliers. After the purchase of raw materials, any brand has to be detected by the quality testing center in accordance with the procedures. Only each index of raw materials are qualified, can they be put into use. We have developed a more stringent internal quality control standards than the second version of the quality standard of empty capsules in 2015 edition national pharmacopoeia. In short, our products sell well at home and abroad owing to high quality, nice packing and good services.

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